Lack of JavaScript developers

I don’t know about you, but I feel there is a HUGE lack of good javascript programmers around. I have received many job offers in the last few months, and they all looked for js guys. After politely refusing each of these offers, almost everybody asked if I know someone interested in the position. This happened with both companies from Cluj-Napoca, as well as companies from across Europe.

I conclude there is a great lack of javascript programmers not only in Romania, but around the globe too. Any ideas on why is this? I assume the explosion of the javascript ecosystem: nodejs/serverside js, many new js frameworks, TypeScript, Dart, HTML5, CSS3 and other related technologies is creating a huge demand for programmers. But there are not as many js programmers as there are apps waiting to be implemented. Universities are not helping either, since many of them are ignoring the shift to JavaScript and keep focusing on other languages (the classical Java/C#/etc…)

After all… it’s a great time to be a JavaScript programmer!